The attempt to link what we call “the mystical world / spiritual” and the “daily physical world” as we know it is the daily bread of most if not all in the field labeled “New Age”. All polarity, whether spiritual, and celestial worlds cross each day talking with angels and whether nationally, estimated at millions of dollars and got herself anything, by being polarized, it is unbalanced and doomed to a narrow single-dimensional storm.

All areas of treatment and my effort, including tools and skills, one goal is: to connect the life here and now “, with family and children, work and friends, with the world (the other) who sees things no concept of time and space are defined. Actually being such, this dimension can, give us a wider prism and a perspective that was not bound to physical parameters, thus broadening the scope of our lives, giving us the same value so without relying solely on the five senses.

To illustrate, imagine yourself driving your car. So far you are used to seeing the road until the bend near to where there is light, traffic light or just to the edge of your physical vision.
Now, imagine what it would fare if you had the option to look down the road, a bit like a bird or a plane’s height?
True you would see a lot more? And in all directions? Your calculations about where to go and what turn to take were not increasingly rely only on traffic to the next junction, and even forecasts Galgalatz. Hisobicm were made nature with a long-term perspective to take into account traffic situations, traffic jams, accidents and weather conditions over a wide area more.

This is basically an analogy which explains well the effective uses and how useful tools like channeling, calling cards and messages from the higher dimension dimension gives us- middle men, who chose to live their lives between heaven and earth and thus afford the best of both worlds. The immediate world, with all its pleasures, its diversity and achievements and incomprehensible world by our senses, with all its wonders, Smimioto and wisdom.

In other words, Dimension mystic, allows us to see and examine our lives at critical times such as major intersections, decisions are not easy, Election complex or profound questions that concern us all, such as: “What will I be when I grow up / e”, “What is my destiny” “Why am I here “,” Is it true that realize the dream now or should wait a little, “” whether to give a chance for relationships difficult but challenging or look for easy and comfortable relationship “and much more … There are so many questions in life, we are used to are answered is given by” the hard work, after many years, especially when we do not have desire, desire or power to change anything. But what if we knew the answers to these questions ahead of time and we really fulfill our destiny here on earth. We would choose our intimacy that will support our development in the best and we would make that dream a reality and begin to dream a new dream? …

Who among us is wise enough to connect, integrate and accommodate in the living / her both these dimensions, harmoniously enriches each other, life will have a physical and spiritual richness large. The divine spark that everyone is talking about there each and every one of us beat the him or her in the most tangible and unity that we so aspire to it with the other, with the universe, with our experience and life will close and the concept ever.