Growing tall is the dream for many people… Some may want to grow taller so they can achieve the required height for a given career while others like it for self-esteem. No matter your reason, you will want to know if it is possible to really grow tall. In as much as human height is controlled by genes, it is possible to enhance your growth with some basic daily practices. Growing children and teenagers can attain maximum growth in height by simple natural methods.

Natural Methods to Help You Grow Taller:
Growing taller does not necessarily require you to carry out many complications, nor does it involve in dieting and drugs. These simple tips will help you reach your maximum height naturally.
– Eating Habits – A balanced diet plays a major role in your growth. In order to attain maximum height, you will need to eat well, knowing what value each component of your meal adds to your growth.
* Taking lots of calcium will enhance growth of bones. Since the bones are the framework of your body, their growth means general body growth.
* Proteins also help in growth of healthy bones. Healthy bones are easy to grow tall.
* Avoid junk food like too much carbohydrates and fats, since these inhibit growth and increase body weight.
– Getting Enough Sleep – Body growth usually takes place while sleeping. Getting enough sleep for children and teenagers (usually between nine and ten hours) can help with growth, besides other health benefits.
– Regular Exercise – Exercising on a regular basis in children and teenagers is a way to keep health and increase growth. It is recommended that they take a session of at least 30 daily for exercising.
– Shedding Extra Weight – It is known that people who gain too much body weight do not fully grow tall. Shedding off the body weight will help the bones grow taller and attain a good height.
– Stretching Up – Taking time to stretch yourself help to improve your growth. Hanging using your hands will greatly improve your bone growth. Hang for a few minutes a day to gain extra inches in the long-run.
– Avoid Growth Inhibitors – Some things will stop you from growing tall.
* Hard drugs and alcohol will adversely affect your growth. The chemicals interfere with the normal body functioning and greatly reduce growth of bones.
* Caffeine can indirectly affect growth. Caffeine is responsible for taking away sleep. If a person does not have proper sleep in his teenage or while a child, his growth rate will be affected negatively, since growth takes place while a person sleeps.
* Dieting while you have not attained full stature is another major hindrance to growth. You should avoid such practices as much as possible in order to utilize every possibility to increase growth.

Remember that if you belong to parents with short stature, it does not mean that you are not going to grow tall. You can still make use of these natural methods to grow taller. It is not yet too late. If you have not been keen on these, you can begin now and will be amazed at the results.