Since I started living in the countryside, I have been fascinated by everything natural. The greenery around were impressive. I love the unobstructed starry night skies. I have appreciated nature more and more. I’ve witnessed warm real smiles from real people on a regular basis. I experienced all the bliss of being surrounded by everything natural and pleasant. However, this does not mean I have something against people who prefer to employ modern technology to make things better according to what they think is better. This can also help you get rid of constipation.

Anyway, this post has been inspired by a recent rumor in the neighborhood where I’m staying. The daughter of one of my neighbors came home for a visit and rumors started hounding her. I didn’t mean to hear it but I just heard it when my neighbors were talking about the plastic surgery she purportedly have had. The neighbors couldn’t help but talk about her now curvaceous body and ridiculously fine visage. Yes, I saw her and she certainly looks fine — the exact opposite of what the neighbors claimed was her appearance some years back. Not only that, but it can also help you cure hemorrhoids and its a great remedy!

Okay, I still couldn’t get over all this gossipping in my neighborhood. If there is one thing about the city life I would like to bring over to this rural area, it’s the “live and let live” attitude. Why can’t neighbors refrain from talking about other people’s choices? They are not harmed by this neighbor’s daughter’s decision to go under the knife, if she ever did. I think nobody has the right to mock her for however she looks right now.

What if she had breast augmentation? Many clinics offer breast augmentation in Calgary and in other nearby areas now. This is something people should already be accustomed to seeing these days. I’ve been to many places and I have not encountered this kind of reaction to someone who may have had plastic surgery. There are many girls I know who have undergone surgery for breast enhancement or breast augmentation in Denver and I can’t recall them being mocked or gossipped about because of their new look.

Not everything unaltered is good. Sometimes changes are to be made for the better. Plastic surgery isn’t really something that should elicit a demeaning gaze. So what? She may have had some work done but the results are great. The possible surgery made her look better. Most probably, it made her feel better and more confident. I’m somehow disappointed by my neighbors’ reactions. I didn’t really expect this. I love them for being so cheerful and warm but it appears they’re not that open about such “city” concepts like cosmetic surgery.

Sometimes, people need change to feel better about themselves. People just need to accept this. As long as the changes made don’t harm anyone, there should be no issue at all. I would understand the mockery if the purported cosmetic surgery done was excessive. However, it wasn’t. I should say the results were very impressive. She looks totally great! People should be adoring her instead of sarcastically talking about how she looks better now.

I would really want this stigma on cosmetic surgery to disappear. It’s totally uncalled for. As long as the surgical improvements don’t go overboard, people should learn to accept plastic surgery as something normal. I love my countryside neighbors but I seriously hope they can be more open-minded.